Experience Does Matter:
Digital Imaging - 17 Years
Commercial Photography - 25 Years

I began my photographic career as a motorsports photojournalist, and immediately began to experiment with new and different techniques to add more excitement to the already interesting action photography. I perfected many strobe effects for location, which led to my building large lightboxes to photograph motorcycles and large motor vehicles, both stationary and in action, on location, in large format.

In the early '90's, I was exposed to the first hi-end digital imaging, and immediately saw the potential for improving photos ( retouch ), and even more, creating scenes that could not be done in camera as a single photo. This changed my life forever. I immediately spent the next 6 months training myself to do digital imaging. I learned to "see" digitally - to instantly visualize how the elements should be shot, and how they will fit together.

At this time I have done more than 750 hi-res automotive digital composites, and retouched several thousand other photos, including people and product.

In 1997, I supervised and was one of four distinguished judges for one of the first ever digital photo contests, sponsered by Nissan, which ultimately led to purchasing my first digital camera. I have photographed almost exclusively digitally (unless requested otherwise) ever since.

I have always enjoyed the challenge of a new digital assignment, because there is really no specific approach to a digital composite or retouching. Once you have all the elements, it is like playing an instrument freestyle, knowing from extensive experience that the result will be exactly ( or even better than) what the client wants.


Some examples of "Urban Safari" Landscapes

Each of the three workshops in the series "Urban Safari's" is a one day combination photo shoot and
Photoshop workshop. The students first do a location photo shoot and learn how to "see digitally",
where scene selection, composition, etc. are based on recognizing what can be done to
improve their images in post production as they are scouting, composing,
and shooting per the specific assignment.

Then the students move into the digital studio where they learn and apply the various Photoshop
techniques to create their final digital work of art from their location images.

NOTE: All photography and digital imaging for this gallery by Michael Brown.

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W. Hollywood Gas Station
Cerritos Waterfall
Long Beach Port
Freightliner HDR
Construction Site
Trucks pre-Dawn
San Pedro Docks
PinkBerry - Hermosa beach
Downtown LA at Night
Dawn - Long Beach

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